Bisha Plant

Bisha Factory

68 km south west of Bisha district.     

The factory was linked with the main road     (Bisha – Khamis Mushait) through a 33 km road constructed by SPCC.


Operation and production

First production line was operated on 1/11/1417h, 1/4/1997.

The factory product came to the market for the first time on 9/1/1418, 15/5/1997.

The total capacity of the kiln is 2,500 tons/day, accordingly the annual production of the factory is 1,200,000 tons of clinker.

Due to some developments, the total production capacity was raised by 36% to reach 1,630,189 tons of clinker in 2008.

A construction of a new production line of 5.000 tons/day  is ongoing, it will come into service on the second quarter of 2017, by this SPCC will be the first in production within the kingdom, also being the first in sales in 2015.

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