Jazan Plant

Jazan factory

In Ahad Al-masarha, 70 km south east of Jazan. This site was chosen because it is rich with limestone, which the main element in the cement industry.

Operation and production

First production line was operated on 1/1/1402h, 30/10/1981. line two was operated on 5/3/1402h, 31/12/1981.

SPCC product came to the market for the first time on 16/2/1402. commercial production started on 1/5/1402, 13/12/1981.

The factory consists of two kilns, each of 2,500 tons/day, accordingly the annual production of the factory is 1,500,000 tons of clinker.

Due to some developments, the total production capacity was raised by 64% to reach 2,466,424 tons of clinker in 2008.

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