Safety & Security


A safe workplace is one of the basics to maintain work efficiency, and most importantly, exercise safety in the workplace properly.

The company also seeks to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, whether in the office, on the road or in the field.

In order to comply with the company’s responsibility for the safety and health of its employees, the policy of this company must be to maintain the safety regulations and not to disturb them.

To develop good safety practice, you need to know and follow the instructions in the safety manual.

As the company uses the latest technologies in maintaining the safety and health of the environment.

Health & Safety

Southern Province Cement Company (SPCC) understands very well that security is very essential to any organization. From the beginning, one of the first sections unified was the security section supported with all required security manpower, aids and other requirements.   

As Southern Province Cement Company (SPCC) realizes the importance of the employees safety as well as keeping the equipment in the best operational status, the Industrial Safety section was unified to:

  1. Make sure that the best international safety standards are implemented and followed in the plants.
  2. Co-ordinate with the departments managers in order to prevent accidents and risks.
  3. Conduct the safety training program to the plant employees.
  4. Give safety reports to the plants managers.

In comply with the safety precaution and standards requirements, Southern Province Cement Company (SPCC) installed the most modernized warning aids smoke and heat detectors as well as the best systems of different type the fire extinguishers. Moreover, all the necessary personnel safety aids as (uniforms, helmets, masks, earplugs, safety shoes, gloves, goggles and other safety protection aids) are always available.

In 1984, Southern Province Cement Company (SPCC) was awarded the first rank for the king’s safety prize.   

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