Tahama Plant


Tahama factory

In Al-Aradiah, Qunfudah, Makkah region. The factory was linked to Al-Majardah road via two roads:

From south through 11 km road, and from east through 9 km road.

Operation and production

First kiln was operated on 17/7/1428h, 31/7/2007. the commercial production started on 1/2/2008, 24/1/1429h.

Two lines were operated on 2012 and 2015, 1433h and 1436h, each of a capacity of 5,000 tons/ day. The total capacity of Tahama factory is 15,000 tons/day, i.e. 4,500,000 tons of clinker per year.

Quality control

The quality control section in the factory follows-up the whole production process from the beginning since the stage of mining the limestone from the quarry till the last stage of the packing and loading the cement.

Samples are taken and tested, proper mixing ratios are implemented in every stage stage based on specific equations to make sure of the quality of the produced cement as per the local and the international specifications.

The quality control section uses very developed and sophisticated instruments to execute those tests:

  1. X ray, PCs for testing the samples and controlling the material percentage.
  2. Chemical tests: for chemical analysis.
  3. Mechanical tests: for concrete strength.

Gama test: for testing the raw material coming from the quarry and the material going into the raw mills. The results are shown on the system screens. These results will ensure that the percentages and kind of materials are as per the specifications. This system is considered most developed in this field internationally. Also some samples are sent to local and international labs for cross check to our lab results.

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