Privacy Policy

Privacy and information discloser

This policy has been established to help you understand the nature of the information we collect from you when you visit our website on the internet, and the way we deal with this personal information. 



We did not design this website for the purpose of collecting your personal information from your computer while  surfing on this website, but we will only use the information you submit by your own will.

Internet IP address

Anytime you visit any internet site, including this website, the hosting server will register your IP address, date and time of the visit, type of the browser you use and the internet URL that drives you to this website. 

Survey on the internet

The survey we do on the internet allows us collect specific information like your point of view towards our website, which we appreciate and consider very important for us, as it allows developing our website.

You are fully free to give the information you want regarding your name and any other information.

Other websites links on the internet

Our website may contain other websites links, or adverts like Google AdSense.

We should not be bound responsible about the way they collect their information. You can review the privacy policies of those sites and the way they collect their information when you enter any of those links.

We may use some third party advert agencies to demonstrate some adverts when you visit our website. Those agents will have the right to use your visit information, except for the name, address, email address or the phone number. The information will be used for demonstrating goods and services that might be of interest for you. If you want more information or choices available to stop those agents using these information, please click here. click here  

Secrecy of information

We will always keep the personal information we get secret and private, we will not sell them, trade them, rent them, or disclose them unless in comply with the laws, or when we think, in good will, that this act will be required by law, or in case of defending the private property of this website or those using it.    

The information required to execute the jobs you ask

When we need any information of yours, we will ask you to submit it willingly to help us contact you and execute the jobs you ask when possible. The information you submit will never be sold to a third party to use it for his own benefit without your pre- written approval, unless used in common for statistics and survey purposes, but not containing any information that might be used to reach you.

When contacting us

All the information you submit will be dealt with as secret. The forms submitted directly on the web require giving the information that help us developing our website. These information will be used in answering your questions, comments or requests regarding this website or related websites.


Amendments on the privacy policy

 We have the right to amend the terms and conditions of amending the privacy policy when required and when convenient. The amendments will be done here or on the main page. You will always be notified of the information we get, the way it will used and whom we will furnish with.    

Contact us

You can contact us, when required, through clicking on ;contact us link; available on the links page, or through email shown there.


Privacy is considered very important to us, we believe that this may be achieved through this policy.

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