Southern Cement was established in accordance with the provisions of the current Saudi Companies Law as a Saudi joint stock company on 27/4 / 1399H, which is specialized in the manufacture and production of cement and its derivatives and related accessories. The paid up capital is SR 1400,000,000.

    The cement of the southern region is one of the largest cement companies in the Middle East. It has 3 factories in Jazan, Asir and Makkah regions with a capacity of 30.400 tons of clinker per day. ) Tons of cement daily.

    Objectives of the company's security and safety management

    A safe workplace is one of the basics to maintain work efficiency, and most importantly, exercise safety in the workplace properly.

    The company also seeks to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, whether in the office, on the road or in the field.

    In order to comply with the company’s responsibility for the safety and health of its employees, the policy of this company must be to maintain the safety regulations and not to disturb them.

    To develop good safety practice, you need to know and follow the instructions in the safety manual.

    As the company uses the latest technologies in maintaining the safety and health of the environment.

    Al-Mutaqah Southern Cement won the King Award for the Ideal Factory twice, the first in 1405H (1985) and the second in 1414H (1994). The company also won the first safety position in the Saudi Consulting Services Competition.

    To view the activities and safety courses and the objectives of the Department of Safety and Security (SPCC)

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